Okay, so this is my first post of my new blog, the blog where I’m gonna try to pimp out my books to you good folks and stay upbeat about it.  That’s the goal anyway.  But first,a little something about me.  My name is Irene Helenowski and I am the author of Order of The Dimensions.  I am also just finishing up the sequels Revised Orders and Final Orders.  I began writing the book after completing my dissertation on a semi-parametric approach for the multiple imputation of missing data.  And what is multiple imputation, you ask?  What?  You’re not asleep yet?  Holy crap!  Wow, I’m off too a good start, aren’t I? Okay then — moving on.   Multiple imputation is the method by which you can fill in missing entries in your data with values that you draw from a plausible distribution.  Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “So you basically make up data.”  And I say “But I’m using a plausible distribution.”  And you say, “But you’re still making up data.”  And I say, “But the distribution is plausible.”  And you say, “…?”  And I say, “Okay, let me give you a better example.”  

Now, say Drs. Michio Kaku, Lisa Randall, and Brian Greene are right and the universe is filled with different dimensions, within each one, we are living a different life.  Now, say in one dimension, I am able to sell at least a few books this summer.  That dimension would be a reasonably plausible scenario and hopefully might actually happen.  Now say that by the end of the summer, one of the buyers might  be George Lucas and after reading my masterpieces, says, “Oh my God!  I totally must fly in this Irene Helenowski woman to Hollywood now and offer her a deal for a major movie franchise!”  The likelihood of living in such a dimension is much less plausible than the first one.  Maybe not impossible, but more than likely not gonna happen any time soon.  Lastly, there might be a dimension where I am kidnapped by a deep, dark, sexy Russian former spy and forced to be his love slave in Malta.  Why yes, there is a part in my second book, Revised Orders, where the heroine is kidnapped by a deep, dark, sexy Russian former spy and taken to a dimension where she is his love slave in Malta.  Intrigued yet?  Hope so.  Awake still?  I hope so too.  Anywhoo, as enticing as that last scenario may be — and believe me,  it’s very enticing at this moment — it is the least plausible situation out of the three I listed and most likely is impossible indeed.  So that’s sorta like multiple imputation in a nutshell and leads to a tie-in to my next post, where I’ll talk about how something I started to do because I wanted to try something totally different from my dissertation ended up being totally related to my dissertation.  So until next time, sayonara, sweeties!