So what is there to say about the random walk? Well, it is something that I learned about in Computational Statistics class for one.  And, by the way, my Computational Stats professor was also my Bayesian statistics professor and he also turned out to be my dissertation advisor.  And he turned out to be my dissertation advisor because he happened to be on faculty at the school where I decided to pursue my doctorate degree.  And I decided to pursue my doctorate degree in biostatistics because way back to college (okay, never mind the ‘way back’ part), I became interested in biostatistics after first looking into bioinformatics because I did better in my statistics class than in my C++ class.  And I was looking into bioinformatics after considering medical school, because, how should I say this, my organic chemistry grades were not exactly on par with what was expected in medical school.  So anyway, what the heck is random walk?  Well, I just gave you an example!  It is a series of events that happen one after another based on probabilities of the current state.  So it’s kind like an MCMC except that we often assume that observations are correlated with MCMC so that we have more ability to predict the future.  A random walk on the other hand is more like a Missing Persons song, on the other hand.  Like this song.  It’s in your head now, isn’t it?  Yeah, hate when that happens too.  Sorry about that.  Anyway, is there really no way to predict the outcomes of a random walk?  Like if I actually aced my organic chemistry class, would I actually be a pediatrician instead?  Say at a major medical center in Atlanta or Philadelphia or Houston?  Kind of like another character in my books known as Maggie Upton/Zelov who’s s kid doctor in different cities, the city depending on which dimension she’s in?  What?  I’m pimping my trilogy again?  You could tell?  Crap — need to work on my smoothness.  But anyway, yes, there could be ways where we could examine where a walk is going and whether or not it will converge, as I discussed before.  But we’ll get into that later.  Meanwhile, I tried to humor myself by imagining myself as a pediatrician so I googled ‘kid doctor’, I got this.


Yeah, that’s exactly how I imagined myself also.  Well, see ya next time — and hopefully, I’ll get this song out of my head by then too.