Not to be confused with simulating itineraries … and take your head out of the gutter!  I don’t mean that!  You know this is not that type blog!  I mean … what?  What you do mean what was I thinking that you thinking?  I thought that … um, never mind then.  But anyway, in terms of iterations, let’s first refresh our memory about what it means for an algorithm to converge.  But unfortunately an algorithm doesn’t usually converge over the first try so we often run the algorithm over and over … and over to see if it will converge at any point.  Usually, we set a finite number of iterations though, like 100 or 200 before we give up and determine that the algorithm does not converge.  Like with FBI agent Randy Lipinski in my trilogy (by the way, I’ve given up on disguising my pimpin’ since you always know where I’m going with this).  But anyway, Agent Lipinski goes from one dimension to another dimension to another dimension … to another dimension in hopes of getting the bad guy.  When he misses him in one dimension, he goes to another dimension.  And when he misses the bad guy there, he goes to another dimension.  And when he misses the villain there, he goes to — can you guess? — can you tell where I’m going with this?  — he goes to, yup, yet another dimension. And he does this until he finally catches up with the bad guy.  So does he finally catch up with the bad guy?  Well, decided not to give away all my secrets just yet.  But I did have one of these fine fellows in mind to play him if this trilogy thing ever comes to fruition.


Speaking of the first one, John Krasinski, I keep tweeting him again and again … and again … about my book/movie pitch but so far he hasn’t responded.  Now, his response would indicate that my algorithm of tweeting him endlessly would converge.  But I’m getting a gnawing suspicion that he has blocked me now which would indicate that that particular algorithm might never converge.  Oh , well.  I think Jared, Ryan, and James also have twitter accounts though so off to check on that.  Happy tweeting!