So today we’re covering another fun, exciting, okay a topic from my dissertation concerning the general location model.  And what does this model do?  Well, it’s like a model with two components, a component which describes the distribution of your categorical data, and a component that describes the distribution of your continuous data based on the categorical data.  And what kind of example can I give you to stop you from shaking your head no?

Well, good question!  I thought about this and then thought about my heroine, Jane.  Now, as you may recall (or maybe not which is why I provide you with the link here) in some dimensions, Jane is a physics student and in others, she is an art student.  Now, she’s actually quite smart in all the dimensions, but lets just say she doesn’t quite apply herself to her physics studies when she’s an art major.  Kind of like maybe I didn’t apply myself hard enough when I was at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and that’s why I only got my Masters there when I was aiming for a PhD.  Wait … was that aloud?  Ah, well.  It’s all good though as I eventually did get my PhD from UIC.  As you can see from the proof right here.  But enough about me.

So lets say in the dimensions where Jane is a physics student, her physics midterm scores were probably in the nineties and in the dimensions where she is an art student, maybe they’re in their eighties.  Okay, so that’s not the most thrilling, heart stopping story I ever told, but you get the picture.  Guess I’m still in vacation mode.  So anyway, join me next time when hopefully I’ll get my act together and think of another (okay, at least a little bit more) exciting topic to share.  Methinks maybe another reference to the deep, dark sexy Russian spy, Anton Zelov may help, non?  We’ll see.  But for now, I leave you with the women’s soccer team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison doing the #ALSIceBucketChallenge.


and a bunch of challenges from the UIC swim team.  So something from both my grad school alma maters.  Go Badgers and Flames!  But don’t worry, Northwestern, my dear undergrad alma mater, got your back and saving you for something good. Go Cats!!  And let it be known that actually I’ll always be a Wildcat girl.