So we covered mixed effects models and GEE models and I thought about covering something today about these things that go into them known as time varying covariates. I came upon this subject while realizing it’s Thursday and I needed something for my Friday blog and I was running out of time, (no pun intend- … okay, pun intended there), so I just googled some stuff on statistical applications in physics. After all, I need to give physics some fair play if I want APS to feature an Order of The Dimensions movie premiere and someday at one of their March meetings and … yeah, they’re still not listening. That’s okay. But anyway I came across astrophysics and quantum statistical mechanics, leading me to the Schrödinger equation leading me to the time-dependent Schrödinger equation which looks like this and I’d love to explain what all that is but I’m pretty sure Michio Kaku or Brian Greene will do a better job of that again at my movie premiere coinciding with the APS March … again, they’re not listening.

But anyway, although I cannot explain the entire Schrödinger equation, I could tell you a little something about time-varying covariates, which are basically things that can change over time.  Like in the clinical trial data I work with, the patients’ sex and what treatment they are on theoretically stay the same over time but their blood sugar or hormone levels, say, could change over the course of the trial.  Or like in my trilogy (oh come on! You knew it was coming!), we have Anton Zelov … our deep, dark sexy Russian spy with his deep, dark, sexy Russian accent — yeah, I can’t really do the accent even in real life so you’ll just have to imagine it on your own.  So I guess his gender and ethnicity (ethnicity being Russian — sorry, a deep, dark, sexy Russian and all) would again be again be fixed over time, while, say, where his location would depend on where in time and in what dimension he is in the story.  So in a sense, location would be a time-varying covariate.  Meaning he could be in Moscow … or Zurich … or Miami … or wherever, depending on the timeline of the story.  Even his different alters are at different locations at different times in the story.  Like his good alter could be in Houston one second and then Atlanta another second at then back at Indiana … or what — did I get that right?  I hope — have to go back and check before I confuse myself even.  But anyway, that’s all for today’s topic.  And what to end with, you think?  Well, I did mention Houston which is about a three-hour drive from San Antonio which is where the next APS March meeting which would be all the more perfect since come on, Anton?  Antonio? Eh? Eh?  And … they’re still not listening.  That’s okay.  They might … someday.  Until then – remember the Alamo!