So today we will briefly cover two of the many types of imputation there are.  There are more than one, you ask?  Why yes, and hot deck imputation and cold deck imputation are just two of them!  So what are they?  Well, basically with hot deck imputation, you fill in missing values with the current data you have at hand and with cold deck imputation, you fill them in with values from another source.  So like when Randy (oh come on!  You know my schtick by now!) is looking for Anton in the current dimension he is in, I guess he could look up where his target is supposed to work, live, eat, sleep, vacation, fret about book sales (oh wait – that’s me), etc., in that particular dimension and try to find him in one of those places.  But if he wants to catch Anton in another dimension, he would want to look up where Anton would work, live, eat, sleep, vacation, fret about book sales (oh wait – that’s me) in the other dimension.  So say, Anton works at a computer shop in a justified realm, Randy might want to check out the computer shops in that area if he plans to catch him there.  But say Randy is planning to catch Anton in another dimension where Anton just so happens to own an art gallery.  Then Randy would check out the art galleries of that dimension before actually going there.  So how does Randy choose when and where to catch Anton and in which dimension?  Well, again it depends on the dangers of the dimension and how likely he is to actually get the place right and all that jazz.  And are there other fun types of imputation he could try?  Well, yeah — but I’m on another deadline today and need more material for another time so we’ll just cover it then.  But since we covered hot n cold deck imputation, what more perfect way to end today’s post than with this.  Take it away, Katy!