So we talked about the Bayesian and we talked about the bootstrap, so why don’t we talk today a little about approximate Bayesian bootstrap (ABB) imputation, where you take the values you already have and resample from those to fill in the values you don’t have. Got all that? Okay. No? Okay, that’s okay. Because I’ll fill you in with an example from my trilogy of course!  So say our hero, Randy, wants to see where Anton, or at least the villain alter of Anton is.  He could look into places where Anton was already found before and he has knowledge that Anton only goes to those places.  So he could look for big A in London or Malta or Maui but maybe not in Tahiti, because Anton has never been known to set up the Masterboard in Tahiti before.  He could, but we’d never know if we were to use approximate Bayesian bootstrap (ABB) imputation.  Which kind of sucks because look at it!  It’s Tahiti!


Which is one of the locals I take my Twitter followers to.  Yes, I do these thing with twitter shoutouts where I take them to exotic places. Speaking of Twitter, I noticed that I could cluster my followers by scientists, authors, other actor/artist types using the k-nearest neighbor algorithm.  And what is that you ask?  A topic I came up with for next time just now!  So there you go … till next time.