So I’ve decided to talk today about different correlations. You know, basically how well things agree with each other. So for example, there’s the correlation between two continuous variables, or the correlation between a continuous and binary variable, or variable taking only two values, or a correlation between two binary variables. Now the second type of correlation is called a point-biserial correlation and could help us find the association between what realm we’re in and Jane’s physics grade, which would be higher in the justified dimensions. Or Tina’s paycheck and the dimension we’re in, which might be a little lower in the justified dimensions. So why the heck would she wan t to be in a justified dimension? Well, again, you can just check out my trilogy here and find out. Finally, the third type of correlation, called the phi correlation, is between two binary variables, and for example, can be used to see if Tina is married in a certain dimension or not. So in which dimensions is she married? Again, my trilogy! Hello! Not that there’s anything wrong with being single by the way. Just ask Beyoncé.


I mean, yeah, she’s actually married and has a kid and … um, okay I’ll think of another example next time.  Until then, “If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it  … ” Yes, I’m stopping now.