So I went to this Statistician of the Year Award Dinner the other night — same one I attended last year and thought about what message I got from it that I could convey here. And, although there were no cool Marilyn Monroe pix — and I thought the honey glazed salmon tasted better last year too, the topic was once again interesting in that it talked about how some data we analyze could be extrapolated too much. Like the famous ice cream-murder example. Never heard of the famous ice cream-murder example?  No?  Well, here it is!  Or how in a recent study that the speaker talked about, women were found to wear red more often at certain times. Which made me very concerned, as I do not have much red in my wardrobe so what does that make me?

So of course, the next step was trying to relate them to my trilogy.  So now, let’s say Randy again wants to figure out what dimension Anton is in and goes by the average climate of where his target could be.  But even that is not as simple as it seems.  Like if Randy determines that Anton is in a warmer climate, he could be in Hawaii (an unjustified dimension) or in Houston (a justified dimension).  Or considering cooler climates, Anton could be in Finland (an unjustified dimension) or in Detroit (a justified dimension).  So I guess my take-home message today is even though correlations are cool, their associations should be interpreted cautiously and maybe adjusted for different factors.  Like in our case, Anton’s marital status, occupation, and his proximity to the masterboard.  Masterboard which kind of looks like Hal …


Okay, not really.  Now, you’ll have to read my trilogy to see what it really looks like, won’t you? Or else, you can join me next time when I think of another way to use stats to pimp out my books.