So often times in my line of work or in any statistics-related stuff, we want to divide a sample population into two or more groups evenly and make sure the groups are the same in every aspect except for the outcome we are studying.  So that is why we often randomly assign people to different groups.  But we also might want to stratify by gender and then randomize to make sure both groups are have about the same number of boys and girls in them.

Or like in my trilogy, some characters can be stratified geographically before we allot them to a good or bad (justified or unjustified) dimension.  So in a good dimension, a character may in Atlanta but in a bad dimension, they’re in Tampa.  Or in a good dimension, a character may in Philadelphia and in NYC in a bad dimension.  In either case, I guess we could say the South and Northeast are equally divided between good and bad dimensions then.  Although why would you want to be in a bad dimension?  Well, again, you know what to do if you wanna find out.

So then how can we randomize after we stratify?  Well, we can cover that next time.  So I’ll have a topic to cover next time, won’t I? Till then, I leave you with this image.


As I did find a lot of big dog vs. little dog images when googling stratified random allocation.