So after we stratify the data, who can we randomize the subjects?  Well, that’s kinda the fun part!  So going back to my trilogy (and yes, I just heard you groan — and I’m not amused!), say we divide the justified realms into east (Atlanta, Detroit, and Philadelphia), and west (Houston, Indianapolis, and St. Louis), regions and sample them 5 times to see where each of our 5 characters and their alters end up.  So doing that, I got 5 east region dimensions and 5 west region dimensions.

[,1]                       [,2]           [,3]             [,4]                [,5]
[1,] “Philadelphia” “Atlanta” “Detroit”   “Detroit”      “Atlanta”
[2,] “Houston”      “Houston” “St. Louis” “Indianapolis” “Houston”

Which you can see are pretty balanced as opposed to say getting a sample of 10 dimensions all together like below, where we see that the east region dimension can be grossly over-represented.

[,1]                 [,2]                 [,3]                  [,4]                [,5]
[1,] “Atlanta”      “St. Louis”    “St. Louis”    “Detroit”      “Atlanta”
[2,] “St. Louis”    “Philadelphia” “Philadelphia” “Detroit”      “Atlanta”


Isn’t that fun?  Well, I thought it was fun!  You know what is fun?  Asking my friend, Erika, my publicist, Jessi, or my colleague, Mary, to randomly pick a number between 1 through 6 so I can choose that radio preset to listen to for the day.  Yes, I do realize that my definition of fun can be indeed very odd.  But hey, they did make some superb choices.  Like the other day, Jessi picked a number corresponding to a station playing Taio Cruz’ Dynamite, which always makes me think of this meme, which is such a fun meme, I must add.


Yeah, again, I might have to re-examine my definition of fun.  I know that.  But join me next time, for some really really real fun!  (Okay, what my and 0.02% of world’s population of fun is at least.)