And today we’ll talk about the ICC, or intraclass correlation coefficient, which basically tells us whether most of the variation takes place between subjects or within subjects. Like say we have different realms (no, I did not say dimensions — I said realms!) and we want to see if the differences between justified dimensions, I mean, realms or if the differences between them are greater.  So if the five main characters within them are similar and, say, have similar lifestyles, the ICC will probably be higher.  But — and now comes my version of the exciting part — if bad Anton got switched with good Anton in some of those dimen … realms, there could be more variation within them than between them so the ICC could drop.  And how do we know if bad Anton switched himself with his good alter?  Well, that could be tricky.  Even trickier than finding the cat in this photo.


What?  You did?  That fast?  Well, good for you! Until next time … when I’ll pull one over you yet.  Can’t believe it took you that fast as it took me … never mind.