Mwahahaha … doesn’t that sound like something Anton would say?  Well, yeah, probably, so of course, I’m gonna give you an example from my trilogy!  So say Randy narrowed down to three justified dimensions and twelve unjustified dimensions where the Anton he’s looking for could be.  Again, let’s have 1’s indicate he is really in that dimension and 0’s indicate he’s not.


Now say, Randy has his team of scientists do their team of scientists stuff so that they collapse the possibilities of finding Anton in one good dimension or two bad dimensions using the vector of probabilities [0.2,0.1,0.1,0.1,0.2].  So how do they do that?  Well, they can multiply the matrix by the vector. And how do they do that?  Well they can multiple the elements of each row of the matrix to each element of the vector and then sum up those products.  Like multiplying the first row would give you (0.2)(1) + (0.1)(1) + (0.1)(1) + (0.1)(0) + (0.2)(0) = 0.4.  And same with the second and thirds rows, giving us a vector of probabilities [0.4, 0.4, 0.1].  So Randy would have a 40% chance of getting the Anton he wanted in the good dimension,  a 40% chance of getting the Anton he wanted in one bad dimension, and 20% chance of getting his target in the other bad dimensions.  So again, that’s pretty cool, eh?  Makes you wanna go to Amazon and check out … okay, stopping.  Till, next time when we cover … I’ll figure it out still  … but anyway, here’s what Randy found when he looked  into one of the dimensions his scientists showed him.


Or did he??