So finally we get to cover the gist Barton and Schruben stuff! Or so I hope …  Anyway, lets saw Randy narrowed Anton being down to Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, and Atlanta.  What?  So what if I mentioned Phoenix and New Orleans like last time? Randy can catch Anton as part of promotion APS-tied in’d … whatever.  Moving on … lets say Randy further got word that scientists then narrowed down Anton’s location to Houston or New Orleans and the exact location can be pinpointed from the relative distance of Phoenix (designated as a 0) and Atlanta (designated as a 1), depending on a number.  So lets say the number was 1/4 which is closer to 0 which is closer to Phoenix.  Well, Houston is closer to Phoenix than New Orleans is so Anton just have been in Houston.  But if the number was 3/4, or closer to 1, or closer to Atlanta … and New Orleans to closer to Atlanta than Houston is … Anton would probably be in New Orleans!  Of course Houston and New Orleans are closer to each other than to either Phoenix or Atlanta and not all the distances are equidistant as the eCDF predicts and you’re getting confused again, aren’t you?  Sorry!  But basically since the cities are not equidistant to each other, we can map their actual location using another distribution, say a normal distribution concentrated on the center.  But more about that next time.  So where exactly does Randy find Anton?  Well, not gonna tell ya but since Mardi Gras is coming up, thought I’d leave you with this pic of gold ole Bourbon Street.


Now, who wants some gumbo?