So now we know how to map values from one matrix to another, we might want to see mapping one column could effect mapping another column.  The problem is that sometimes we don’t know how the columns interact with each other though.  In other words, we don’t know their joint distribution.  We might have a hunch about the joint distribution if we look at the pairwise correlation between two variables. So, say Randy wants to get the 411 on which dimension he is in based on where Tina is employed — if she is employed in that realm.  So say he looks at the Houston and Indianapolis realms and sees that she’s employed at a computer store or a printer store.  And since she works at those stores in justified dimensions, he can further deduce that it is a good dimension and Tina is in fact employed by good Anton.  Or is he … meaning Anton being good or … well, you know how to find out by now!  And yeah, Tina might have a more exciting life in the unjustified dimension … but does she have access to a nearby Chipotle there?  Or a Barnes & Noble where she could order a copy of the Order of The Dimensions series?  Or an AMC theater showing the Order of the Dimensions movie or … yeah, I’ll stop.  But anyway, the point is working at a computer or printer store at a shopping center has its benefits. Like she’s most likely near a CVS or Walgreens where they may also carry DVDs of … well, you get the picture.  But still, you can always check out the Order of The Dimensions series at Barnes & Nobel until next time!