So another situation I come across at work is nested designs.  Kinda like repeated measures but doesn’t always have to deal with time. It could deal with space too.  Kinda like babushka dolls, where a small doll is inside a big doll. And a smaller doll is inside that doll. And a smaller doll is inside that doll.   And … yeah, you know how it goes.  Or like when Randy tries to find Anton again, he realizes that cities can be nested within dimensions. And shops can be nested in those cities.  And books are nested within some of those shops. And my tril … yeah, you know how that goes too.  But anyway, how does Randy know in which shop in which city in which dimension Anton could be in?  Well, it might depend on the variability within each of those levels … something we could cover next time.  Until then …


Awe … little birdies in a nest! Cute, eh??  I’m improving! I hope.