Which looks like this …


And how can they relate to the beloved characters in our story?

Well, lets say, Jane calls Tina since Randy is out of town on a major FBI mission or whatever and the kids are at a sleepover and asks if Tina wants to come over to see a movie.

Tina can say yes or no.  If she says yes, Jane can for example ask her if she wants to get some Chipotle or something else.  Well, Tina says Chipotle … duh!

So then Jane asks if she wants to see Order of the Dimensions or something else.

Well, Tina says … hey! What do you mean something else?

But anyway, Jane asks 6:30 or 7? And so forth … and I promise that Tina’s decisions are much more exciting in the books. Which, again, you can find here.

So that’s today’s lesson but next time we’ll extend the concepts of decision trees that could help, say, Randy prediction in which dimension Anton is in. Which is much more exciting that Randy choosing between a vanilla bean frapp and a double skim caramel macchiato — again, I promise!