So last time we talked about decision trees and how can they leave to a certain outcome.  And today we can talk about what final outcomes the decision tree can give us.  So like if Randy finds himself in a good dimension, he can more likely find Anton at a computer shop. Or if he’s in a bad dimension, he’s more likely to find Anton in a place other than a computer shop.  Like more in a place where big, bad Anton is likely doing big, bad stuff.  So Randy assigns different probabilities to those two places, depending on what dimension he’s in. Like this.

dt2Or … if we go back to fantasy casting for a moment and lets say I have two actors in mind for Anton and two actors in mind for Randy, and I think that Anton 1 would be more suited opposite Randy 1 and Anton 2 would be more suited opposite Randy 2.  So if, say, the studio chose Anton 1, we might assign a probability of them choosing Randy 1 equal to 0.85 and of them choosing Randy 2 equal to 0.15 and vice versa if they chose Anton 2. Got all that?  Eh, that’s okay.  Besides we have a long, long way to see Order of The Dimensions as a hit movie if Order of The Dimensions ever becomes a hit movie.  I know who I’d like to produce already though!