Well, now is as good a time as any!  So I have to do a Venn diagram for one urology project that I’m working on and thought “Holy Moly! This would be a good topic for my blog!” And then I realized it was Thursday and thought to myself “Holy Moly! I need a topic for tomorrow!”  So then I thought that this was a good time as any to cover.  So here we go …

So lets say out of 100 dimensions Randy is monitoring, he finds Anton is 25 good dimensions and 40 bad dimensions.  Well, that’s not right, you say. 25 + 40 = 65, not 100!  To which I say, aha! But there could be 35 intersection points, which include both good and bad dimensions!!  Which is something else the Order wanted to implement! But do they succeed.  Well …  But anyway, until next time, here’s my masterpiece with a demonstration of today’s example.


Eh? Now, if this doesn’t get my trilogy to sell, I don’t know what … yeah, I know back to the drawing board.