So sometimes we model stuff to see how said stuff correlates with other stuff.  But what if even more other stuff confounds that correlation.  Well, that’s why we can put in that other other stuff in our model too.  Which we talked about before.  So we can put that stuff into the model.  Like, say, Randy does find Anton in a warmer climate.  Other factors he can adjust for could be Anton’s occupation, marital status, where he vacations and so forth.  So if we put all this stuff in the model — such stuff are usually called covariates, by the way — we can get a better sense of which dimension they’re really in, making more sense than just going by the climate.  But what kind of model are we putting all this stuff into anyway?  Well, 1. — it’s called a logistic model and 2. we’ll cover it next time.  Until then …


Just wondering … remember, summer just started!