So a little reminder.  The probability of say, Randy finding Anton in a bad dimension is: exp(y)/[1+exp(y)].  And how do we get y?  Well, we can use an algebra expression. Oh, come on! It won’t be that bad! Promise!  So say in bad dimensions, Anton is less likely to own a computer store but he’s more likely to be found in warmer weather. So say we have the equation:

y = – 25 -2*(in computer store) + .5*(temperature)

If Randy sees Anton at a computer store when the temperature around the area is 40 degrees, than y = -25 -2*1 + .5*40 = -7 and so the probability becomes exp(-7)/[1+exp(-7)] = 0.0009, which is (wow!!) a small possibility that Anton is in a bad dimension.  But if he’s not in a computer store and the temperature is say, 60 degrees, than y = -25 – 2*0 + .5*60 = 5  and exp(5)/[1+exp(5)] = 0.9933, which is a very, very, very, very high probability that Anton is in a bad dimension. So anyway, that’s the lesson for today, kids!   And I was looking to leave you with a belated Canada Day/Happy Fourth of July pic and stumbled across this. Too yummy not to share.


By the way, you know what you could be reading while eating that yummy desse … okay, I’ll stop.