Hi!  So I was going to skip a week since I am going to Seattle for the Joint Statistical Meetings, the same conference that was held in Boston last year, but then I figured why would I do that if this is the week Matt Damon could visit my blog!  Matt Damon or John Krasinski.  Speaking of Krasinski, let us continue the example from last week and talk about how we determine the points for each one of our factors.  Well, we can do that by looking at the rank of our regression parameters.  Now, say, the regression parameter corresponding to the actor cast as Randy is a 10.  Then it is 10 in our model if the actor is Krasinski and 0 if it is someone else, as we are multiplying the parameter to a binary variable.  Now what the regression parameters for the Jane and Anton roles? Well, they most probably are 5 and 3, respectively.  As 5/10 = 50% or 50 points and 3/10 = 30% or 30 points.  And what else could these oh-so-cool-oh-shush-yes-they-are regression parameters tell us?  Well, that’s for next time! Until then, here’s to hoping that by just some strange chance of luck I do run into Krasinski in Seattle and talk up my book with him.


Oh shush … again, it could happen!  Or at least it could happen with another meeting attendee from Brown, his alma mater.  Just sayin’!