So as promised, we will give an example of available case analysis or AC, as I attended such a talk during my Seattle conference last week.  And what this means is we don’t throw out entire entries but keep any entries with at least some information that could help us estimate the parameters.  Kind of like Randy may not know the specific city that Anton lives in in a certain dimension, but he may know Anton’s occupation and marital status and can determine if his target is in a good or a bad dimension based on that.  Kinda like that.  Well, anyway that’s my exciting news for today.  That and my dissertation advisor friended me on facebook.  Well, that’s exciting to me at least!  I just wonder if he also noticed that I’m friends with someone who was on Game of Thrones (thus far!) and with someone who worked with Drew Barrymore (again, thus far!).  Well, he might find out eventually and then he might ask  me how did that happen.  To which, I may reply …


That’s okay. He’s used to that face. That’s the face I had for 85% of graduate school.  But anyway … till next time!