So last Labor Day weekend I was kinda getting restless (when I should have been writing or promoting, I know, I know) but I came across a few sites talking about number stations and how spies used to use them.  And then I googled the heck out of them.  And then I youtubed the heck out of them.  And why am I telling you this now??  Because NUMBERS!!! And why how does this relate to today’s lesson.  Because NUMBERS!!! Because this is going to be a topic I’m going to relate to next week’s lesson.  And then we makes our own numbers codes just like James Bond and Anton Zelov (well, of course I’m gonna plug in my own super spy here).  And this will all go back to the principles of random number generation and multiple imputation we’ve discussed earlier.  So stay tuned for more number coding. Just like Girl Code but way cooler, I think. Because NUMBERS!!!


And did I mention that there are also number station twitter accounts?  And if I didn’t have the fear that a real-life Anton Zelov would come along and decapitate me for following them, I would actually follow them as they actually interest me way more than following John Krasinski or Ryan Gosling now. I know they are highly unlikely to even be real spy nations, but still. Because NUMBERS!!!