So how can we develop our own number stations? You know, like the number stations I kept looking up until my mom pried me away so I could take her to the Taste of Polonia so I could have at least some human-life interaction that weekend?  Well, one way we could do it is to assign a number to a particular person or place.  Like they do in clinical trials.  Or they could base assignments of a grid, like below where Randy could try to figure out where Anton is using a row-column system and tell his fellow agents that way.


Sow if Randy says 3-1, Anton may be in Atlanta or if he says 2-4, his mortal enemy(!!!) [What? Too strong?] may be in Denver.  Well, this was another simple, sweet lesson, but tune in next time, when I may have some more fun, more intriguing stuff … hopefully. Till then, live from 1-1, not 1-2, it’s … get it?  From SNL … but I’m actually from Chicago so it’s like … yeah, came off too awkward too — will work on that.