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Continuing our little lesson in survival analysis, I’d thought I’d cover a little something called a hazard ratio too. And basically, it tells you the risk of something in one situation relative to something else in another situation.  Like if we wanted to see what chances Randy has of capturing Anton in one dimension relative to say, a chosen reference dimension and the hazard ratio is 0.53, then unfortunately Randy is 47% less likely to capture his target in that dimension than in the reference dimension.  But a hard ratio of 1.25, then Randy is 25% MORE likely to catch his man there than in the reference dimension.  Or like if I wanted to compute the chances of me actually getting a movie deal in this dimension, compared to another dimension, then … okay, okay, I’m just getting carried away again … so until next time — just think it would be still cool to up my changes to have my movie premiere at the APS March 2018 meeting in Los Angeles though with the reception at the Millennium Biltmore Rendezvous Court and okay … I’m stopping.  But look how pretty …


Yes, now I’m done.