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So last time I mentioned how on twitter, I could cluster my followers into different groups, like scientist types, author types, actor types, types who like me just not necessarily my books (and that’s okay too — I guess), etc. But what if someone could fall into more than one of those categories?  Well, that’s where K-means clustering comes in.  It’s basically where you assign a numeric value to each individual and group the individuals so that their numbers are as close as possible to the average of all their numbers combined.

So in my trilogy, I could also, for example, cluster my dimensions into dimensions ruled by spy Anton, or by mafia Anton, or dimensions where good Anton exists.  And say we hypothetically assign an average index value to each type of dimension as 10, 30, or 50, respectively.  So then a dimension associated with a number of 15 might be classified as a dimension ruled by spy Anton, a dimension with a number of 29 might be considered as a dimension ruled by mafia Anton, and a dimension with a number of 53 would probably be a dimension with good Anton (a justified dimension!).  But anyway, that’s all for now.  Oh, but I do have two actor types following me on twitter that could easily play Anton by the way.  Not that I’m going to mention them here and scare them away — what are you crazy??  And anyway, we all know that the perfect Anton Zelov has long since been long gone unfortunately and that was none other than Mr.  Orson Welles.


Yes? Yes — I thought so! Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go to my nearest Red Box and see if I could finally rent Citizen Kane this time as I have yet to see it.  Rosebud!