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So we covered a lot of Anton and a lot of Randy lately (yeah, no, I’m not gonna even lie … that’s why I brought my trilogy straight up) but today I’m going to work through an example with the object of their affection, the love of their lives, the third side in their love triangle, the … well, hope you get the picture.  And that person is Jane.  Yes. Jane’s heart truly only belongs to one of them, to the one and only she is always devoted and to that one is … the one you find out about when you read the books!  And how does she know if she’ll get to a dimension with that one and only?  Well, she can look at a nomogram! Like this!


And what is that you may ask?  Well, it’s basically a chart that can tell her the probability of her being with her one and only?  And how does this chart tell her that?  Well again, it depends on different parameters in the model that we got from logistic regression (like in Jane’s case, where does she live, what job does she have, and who is her one and only … again, you know what to do to find out).  But wait … wait … wait … that’s not the most romantic model ever, you say?  Well, maybe not but just think how romantic it can be once Jane is in the right dimension with her one true love!

Ah, that’s more like it! Until next time, you know where to find out who is Jane’s one true love 😉