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Monthly Archives: November 2015

So the coefficient of variance or CV came up quite a bit at work recently and so I decided to talk about that.  Why? Because I can!  Because it’s my blog!  And because it’s another short and sweet topic that we can cover before you go on with your holiday shopping ** cough, cough ** Order of The Dimensions ** cough, cough ** perfect gift for any holiday lover ** cough, cough **.  And what it is is a measure of the variation relative to the mean.  So ideally, we for the CV to be lower but a low standard deviation and a low mean could give a similar CV  as a high standard deviation and a high mean so really we want a low standard deviation and a high mean.  Got all that?  Good, I hope.  But just to be sure I’m doing another Randy-Anton example.  So say Randy’s looking at three dimensions, one where he has a high probability of catching Anton among a lot of places but those places are so far apart, one where he has a low probability of catching Anton among a lot of places but those places are close together, and  one where he has a high probability of catching Anton among a lot of places and those places are close together.  So where would he look first?  There you go — the third one as that would be his “low CV” as you will.  But does he find such a dimension?  Well, maybe you and the scifi lover on your holiday list then … yeah 😉


Until then, here’s a picture of my favorite Disney character, Baloo from Talespin. Who’s a seaplane pilot.  Just like Randy is a seaplane pilot in some dimensions.  Yes, in some dimensions where … oh, you know



Why not? Here goes.


One can go up.

One can go down.

One can make you smile.

One can make you frown.


Some are known as BLUPS.

And they could lead Randy to Anton’s alters.

Whether he’s at the Marriot on the hill.

Or the Sheraton by the waters.


And why did mention such hotels?

Or the Hilton or the Hyatt?

Just have some exciting news.

But to keep silent now is my best bet 😀


But my so many hotel mentions in this week’s poem?   Anyway, more on that later — if it works out 😉  Until then, have a good weekend, peeps!


Bellhop carrying suitcases up stairs --- Image by © Olix Wirtinger/Corbis

It may tell us if what we predict is right.

Like where Anton may spend the night.

This is what Randy needs to know.

So the area-under-the-curve (AUC) can’t be too low.


Can you just handle all the suspense?

And will you then give my trilogy a chance?

If so, I do hope you give it more than 50 percent.

If I do say so myself, it would be money well spent.