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Monthly Archives: November 2016

In case you need any gift ideas 😉




So you have an association,

You think it’s smart,

But could there be other factors,

Driving it from the start?


That’s what the partial correlation,

Is for so we can check,

And even Randy can use it,

To see if from the clutches of Anton, he can get Jane back.





So some may have a yes,

Same have a no,

Two could have different outcomes,

On different channels to give a go.


So we can choose each column,

Or none.

Just like in any story,

We can see with which one we are done.



You have the prior,

Make it known,

But with the likelihood,

It’s still not set in stone.


But maybe there is a chance,

For your team to win!**

And so the posterior may show you,

If and a celebration will begin.


**Dedicating this poem to the Chicago Cubs. Another Order poem coming next week 😉