Imputing new worlds with multiversal appeal

Monthly Archives: January 2017

In what quadrant you belong,

In which dimension could it differ,

How you interact,

And what you may infer.


So what you do in one realm,

May be different than another.

Like flipping the channels, finding different Order of The Dimensions movies,

But there I go again — oh brother!



From Book 2, Revised Orders, still available on Amazon 😉



So what can we do?

If we have more than a clue?

Than one condition is more often than not?

When another is on the spot?


Well we take odds that it is?

As in what world Randy can at last catch his nemesis.

And what realm he must let go?

For there, the answer is most likely a no.



In two worlds,

Better equal than not,

Something Anton will not say,

So don’t trust all his lot.


For in the good realms,

The distributions though not the same,

Should be similar,

To stay in the game.