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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Happy Halloween till then!


So are the worlds the same?

How can Randy find?

In which world it is

That Anton is one of a kind?


Are there other factors,

That could confound,

Ah, thus we have the balanced design,

So our results can truly astound.



What are the odds?
That┬áRandy’s target could be found?
Given he could not,
So where will Randy next hound?
Maybe in the world where the ratio is high,
Above one hundred percent and significant.
Such would be a good place to start.
With an ending quite magnificent.

So you have before,

You have after,

And you have Randy who wants to know.

Does it really matter.


Will the same alter of Anton?

That Randy will finally get at hand.

How can he see if the change is significant?

Well, maybe the signed rank test will make us understand.