Imputing new worlds with multiversal appeal

Till next week …


Was busy stuffing envelopes to agents this week 😉

Regression parameter poem

Some say yes,

Some no,

Some high,

Some low.

So may they help Randy out?

To predict where Anton is?

Quite so, they just might,

Find him in all of this.





Cumulative incidence poem

If your risk goes higher,

You may be on fire,

So you compute the cumulative incidence rate,

And wonder if it’ll take the bait.


Much like Randy wants Anton by the hook.

So he calculative the risks over time by the book,

Now will this lesson stick?

Look at this work for the final kick.



More work on screenplay and road trip story!

6538600_55_z-1But will get to a poem next week 😉  Meanwhile. how is this place for a table script reading?



ROC poem

What you find may be true,

But what you may not may be as well.

So we have sensitivity and specificity,

To help us tell.

And the ROC may help Randy too,

If it last he wants Anton for a find.

Whether he’s dominating the world,

Or at a sandwich shop, choosing a kind.




Just another hint for summer reading ;)


Excerpt Day!

And oh, yeah … wish me luck with selling my screenplay 😉