Imputing new worlds with multiversal appeal

Breaking from stats

With a spring poem?? 😉



Plots poem

So we analyze data,

But how to connect the dots?

Maybe we do not want just numbers,

But simply the plots.


Like when Randy has a map,

Can at one point Anton he may find.

Whether in a scatter or in a box.

Let the data determine the kind.





An excerpt today!


Back next week!

But here’s a cute puppy!!



Distribution poem!!

So could it be symmetric?

With both sides the same?

Or could it be skewed?

More side with more game?


The distribution of the data,

Is what Randy wants to know,

The shape of the data could really tell,

Him on which way to go.




Fisher’s exact poem

You want to know,

If you have categories,

That are the same,

Or have different worries.


Like Randy in different dimensions,

Has a yes or a no,

The Fisher’s exact test,

Will then make it so.





Binary poem

So it could be a yes,

Or could be a no.

Depends on the realm,

Where you go.


On many variables determine the world,

And whether the villain is good or bad,

Check out the series for more details,

When all is said.


And here, it is where it’s said 😉