Imputing new worlds with multiversal appeal

p-value poem

Is it the all?

So many have asked,

And have said it depend on size,

and on the task.


And what could Randy gain from the p-value?

He might see a world set apart?

As significantly likely to have Anton in it.

So such would be a good place to start.





A WIP except … yeah!!


T-test poem

What’s alike and what’s not.

How much cooler or more hot,

May one world be from another,

With the T-test we can bother.

So how can it help Randy’s case?

Well, if the realms are different, a quicker end to the chase,

The target being closer at hand,

If between realms, we may distinguish and understand.



Modified Allocation poem

So sometimes you can choose out of four,

And sometimes only out of three,

And what about with only two,

What is the algorithm to be?


Randy could find indeed one to program,

A modified allocation scheme for ever target,

But will one give him what he needs?

Only if he’s on the right bus will he be set!!




Hmmm … excerpt today?


Weighting poem

Some get less,

Some get more,

All depends on inferences,

That’s what the weighting is for.


So our hero assigns greater ones,

To the realms with our target,

Does he get the guy this time?

Will in the story your answers are ready and set.



Confidence interval poem

So the values may not be exact,

But that might not always be fact,

So that is why we give a window,

Of things that might be so.


So for Randy to meet his target,

Even if he cannot pinpoint the estimate,

He has a surrounding bit of chance,

To catch the culprit and do a happy dance.