Imputing new worlds with multiversal appeal

Confidence interval poem

So the values may not be exact,

But that might not always be fact,

So that is why we give a window,

Of things that might be so.


So for Randy to meet his target,

Even if he cannot pinpoint the estimate,

He has a surrounding bit of chance,

To catch the culprit and do a happy dance.



Meta poem

So you have results from the past,

To tell you which path was best,

Such findings might to help Randy,

And make him feel dandy.


A meta analysis might then do the trick,

For a result that could help stick,

So that is what we discuss today,

Before we go on our merry way.



Till next week …

And again, another Easter basket stuffer suggestion 😉



Paired poem

You may have two in the same world,

Or one in two worlds,

What is there to do,

Before your mind twirls.


And thus, will Randy find the nemesis?

Or bring about a new genesis?

The answer is here you see,

At amazon, such a steal – it could be free.



Charting data

When plotting, what’s the best tool?

To not look like a fool?

Well, then maybe not use the pie,

It’s only good as peach or apple, oh my!


Better to use a bar graph, you see.

And it would also be better for Randy.

To find where Anton is hiding now.

For the best chance to catch him and how!



Breaking from stats

With a spring poem?? 😉



Plots poem

So we analyze data,

But how to connect the dots?

Maybe we do not want just numbers,

But simply the plots.


Like when Randy has a map,

Can at one point Anton he may find.

Whether in a scatter or in a box.

Let the data determine the kind.