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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Randy’s still on the go,

To catch Anton in another realm,

D’oh! Another miss!

What to do at the helm?


One more miss and so,

The curve goes down,

But we may yet find Anton,

So smile, no need to yet frown.



So what do we give A,

What is that you say?

May it depend on B?

Then it’s conditional, you see.


And what shall we do then?

We can determine an event and when.

And we can even introduce an event C.

And that could be another key!


Kinda like a key Randy can use to access the Multiverser??  Yeah, I’ll work on that.



New topic — so we’ll see 😉


North, South, East, West.

We shall see what distance is best.

But how can we without being a ham?

Perhaps then try a variogram?


Get the coordinates and then the weight,

Of the difference; there ya go, mate!

So this distance can be then related to another matter.

Like will Randy catch Anton or not, hoping for not the latter.




So we have some studies from the past,

We wish to know if those truths will last,

A meta analysis will tell us what to pursue,

In which direction to go and what to do.


So if Randy wants to find a direction next?

Where to call, where to text?

He can look to previous results for a trend.

In hopes of getting Anton at the end!



Here’s a frap in the meantime – Happy Summer 🙂