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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Sometimes you get this,

Sometimes that,

Sometimes the same thing,

Because you put the card back in the hat.


Thus we have bootstrapping,

Quite simple, you say,

Yes, and it might help Randy get Anton too.

Now wouldn’t that just make your day.





Yeah, maybe kind of deep.  I’ll lighten up next week.

To predict on several factors,

Let a regression line show you the way,

It may just have for what it takes,

For Randy to say the day.


Climate, location, occupation,

Throw them in to see what you get.

You might be pleasantly surprised,

To see what you predict is all set.





1 person, 2 worlds,

But are they the same?

Take the difference and see if they are.

Only by their name.


We then apply the signed rank test.

To see who different they are.

But did handsome, heroic Randy did that?

You’ll find out here if he got that far.

An actual excerpt from one of my actual books that my actually lovely assistant, Jessi Sawa, made.



Anyway, more stats next time!