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Monthly Archives: September 2016

But good news!!  Finished my script — now where to hold table reads? Maybe here 😉



You have to chose,

But random can be best.

But if you can have seconds.

But them back in and put them to the test.


Such a method can help with many things.

Like in finding a probability you must know.

Like what is the chance Randy now catches Anton?

Lets watch as he’s on the go!



You have one treatment arm,

And then the old and the new,

Placebo, standard, experimental,

To compare them, what do you do?


Kind of like comparing the worlds,

If Randy falters at one, he tries another.

And takes the difference of what he already tried.

But will it work? Oh brother!


Well, will it?


Anyway, till next time!

Been working hard on my screenplay … stay turned for the premiere for that 😉


Two objects we see,

But how related could they be,

The correlation of them we can compute,

In hopes there is little dispute.


Between worlds can this help Randy find?

Anton and of which kind?

Perhaps, the answers in the set below will be told,

Now on amazon and lulu are they sold.