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Monthly Archives: December 2015

So stay tuned!!



And see next week or two weeks which would be the next year!!  And remember this for a last minute gift idea!!  Till then, toodles …



Okay … lets talk about … the mode!  And what is … the mode?  Well … the mode … is the most frequent number in a list of numbers.  So lets say Randy is given a list of dimensions where Anton is.  And some dimensions appear more than one and more than some others on the list.  The dimensions that appears the most on the list would be … the mode!!  Now, wasn’t that an easy lesson for today?  Yeah, thought so too 😉  So anywhere what dimension appears the most with Anton in it anyway?  Well, you know how to figure that out!

But anywhoo, till next week!


You have two underlying variables,

Following a distribution so normal,

But then you see that they are,

Binary after all.


Sort of like Randy finding Anton,

In a world good or bad,

Maybe underlying bad Anton,

Is the weather of income that is said.


So another poem is created,

Maybe next time we do one with the fantasy cast or no?

We will yet see,

But the perfect holiday gift for a scifi lover is, you know.