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Monthly Archives: February 2016

You have groups more than two,

Oh my, then the t-test just won’t do.

So to compare groups of three,

Or more, ANOVA must it be.


So say Randy must compare,

Three worlds at a time with care,

So does it help get Anton at the end?

Here, you will find out, my friend.


And for today’s pic — it’s two ducklings because … it’s two ducklings 🙂



You are two groups,

In two dimensions, lets say,

And Randy must find Anton in one,

Which will give him the way?


Get the chance from each world,

And then look at their ratio,

Relative risk in a nutshell,

And to find out how it looks, have my trilogy a go.


Yes, yes, I’ll work on the last line — but until then, you know what you can check out.



So no new topic — sorry! Hope to see you next week!



Otherwise known as the probability distribution function.


So you have one value,

But how likely could it be?

Go to the right — not so much.

Go to the left — ah, now see.


So Randy wants to cover the greater area,

But is that where he shall land?

Well, once you get this.

Then you’ll understand.


Anyway, till next week!  Oh, and Randy on a distribution plot would look a little like a mountain climber on a mountain, don’t you think? 😉