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Monthly Archives: July 2016

What is the chance?

Anton finally will be caught by Randy?

If we know the predictive variables,

The results could be dandy.


So here we are again with the nomogram,

With lines that could tell a different story.

Get the correct predictions,

So in the end, we won’t be sorry.


Just like the dancing dog is not sorry – till next week!

And stay cool!  I’m just typing away at my script myself — but hope to be back next week 🙂


Say, the casting of Randy had begun,

But do we choose Ryan or Justin or John?

Well, if we could pick one randomly,

What does it say about the studio’s family?


But right now, we have equal chances of one out of eight,

Picking either of these fellows would sure be great.

But if one cannot do it, but yet again, changes his mind,

We put him back and re-sample again of the same kind.


Yeah, still screenwriting so hmmm … what do you think?




Year, why not 😉




See? Told you Randy means business!