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Until then — if you need something for your Easter basket …



All starts from logistic regression,

But then, what is the progression?

Well, say we get the predicted probability,

And how to get the world where  we are meant to be?


We could use a sampling technique.

In hopes it takes away some of the mystique.

And so Randy might want to use.

Bootstrapping, ROC, something of the like to choose.


Anyway, till next week — actually next week is Easter and I might be travelling so if you don’t hear from me…



So sometimes we compare different things between different groups but sometimes we compare the same thing between different groups or between different times.  Like how well a patient is doing before and after treatment.  Or like in my book, I have different alters in different worlds or the same alter in different worlds — but how do they do that? We’ll get to that later?  But how … we’ll get to that later!  But anyway, so how can we compare characteristics between, say,  good Anton in good vs. bad dimensions or bad Anton in bad vs. good dimensions? Well, we might try employing the Wilcoxon signed-rank test or the paired t-test.  And there you have it!  But again, how can the same alter be in different worlds?  Well …


Till next time, thought I’d give you some reading material there.

Five world, say,

And where to find.

Anton, that is.

Where’s he’s one of a kind.


So which one shall we see first?

That is the question Randy must ask.

Hmmm … maybe the fourth one, would you say?

But let us put the 1-sample chi-squared to the task.